I will be recording my personal progress in the gym and my diet in my journey towards peak physical shape in this blog.

A little bit of background: At the beginning of 2017, I weighed 135 pounds at age 23. I had resolved to start a new diet and increase the intensity of my workout routine at that time. Since I am an ectomorph (skinny body build, high metabolism), putting on weight has always been difficult. I’m starting this blog a little late, since I’ve already been on my new diet and workout routine for 3 months now (started in Jan 2017). I have gained 16 pounds as of March 2017 (I weigh 151 pounds now). My goal is to reach 160 by May 2017. After that, I will reevaluate my progress and set new goals for either maintenance or further weight gain.

Keeping an online journal will help me keep up with my progress, and hopefully others can benefit from some of my advice. Since my diet and workout routine change slightly every week, I will record these changes once a week here.