The Beginnings

My main goal in the end is to avoid looking like a Slim Jim with noodles for arms and legs. I’ve been consistently working out in 2016, but my diet was not sufficient. So even though I developed a lot of strength (bench press max was 185 pounds) while weighing only 135 pounds and had some definition in my body, I still looked relatively skinny.

I’d say that diet almost matters more than what you do at the gym in terms of gaining muscular mass. I think 60-70% depends on diet and only 30-40% depend on your workout. As an ectomorph, it was crucial that I consumed 3000+ calories a day. Now there’s a big difference between eating 3000 calories of junk food versus healthy food. Personally, I went the healthy route because I just felt more energized and better overall during the day rather than feeling like a lethargic, fat potato lump rolling around. I’ll speak more about my healthy bulking diet later.

For now, there were two habits that I nailed into my brain: consistency and rigor. Going to the gym at least 4 times a week is important. Eating 3000+ calories per day is important. If you must, one cheat day per week would be okay. But that would just slow progress overall. Also, consistently AVOID ALCOHOL. Alcohol stunts muscular growth, and if you get a bad hangover, you won’t feel like eating 3000 calories that day. Also, when you go to the gym, I would recommend finding a workout partner to help push you to your limits. This is what I mean when I say rigor. No pain, no gain right?

In my next post, I’ll record my diet plan.



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